Skin Care Tips




So … it’s just a few months until your red carpet moment, the day you want to feel your most radiant. After all, this day will be forever commemorated in your wedding album so glowing, even toned, blemish free-skin is your goal. Here are some steps to follow in the run-up to the day, it’s quite long but hopefully it will make more sense out of how to look after your skin and it will definately ensure your skin is picture perfect.

Drink water every day! You’re sick hearing it, but it’s the only way to flush out toxins and clear up the skin. Many beauty guru’s also advise to eat your water (eating raw fruit and veg with a high water content). Dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad of Murad skincare products came up with this idea and I like it. I personally find drinking so much water every day a chore. This way however will allow your cells to retain the water for longer and get the full benefit of hydration and plumped up skin.  Such foods are: watermelon, oranges, spinach, grapes, lettuce, and cucumber and an added bonus is the natural sunscreen factor which is contained in these raw foods. Which-ever you choose or both, water is life!

If you’re in your twenties or thirties you should really start using an eye cream. They combat fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, feeding the delicate skin around the eye area.  Add it to your skincare routine at night and ‘see’ the benefits.

Moisturising your skin in the morning and at night is imperative to feed and nourish your skin, stopping it looking dull, calming sensitivity and keeping dryness at bay. Don’t leave out your neck and decollete including shoulders and arms, these are going to be on show in your dress. Also a face serum is excellent for plumping out and hydrating the skin and I would just use this once a day at night-time after you have cleansed and toned (which removes any excess makeup or cleanser) and before you apply your moisturiser. Make sure you change your pillowcase every couple of nights or flip over your pillow. This can ensure your not sleeping on any built-up traces of makeup, tan or transfered skincare product from the pillow.

Your new ‘suped-up’ skincare regime can be left until your going to bed as you have more time then than in the morning. In the morning just do a quick cleanse because you already cleansed thoroughly the night before and moisturise. Then apply your makeup or BB cream. REMEMBER to not sleep in your makeup!  You will quickly aid dry patches and congestion when you wake.
For oily skin types use oil free products and make sure you do not dehydrate your skin which can easily happen with this skin type because alot of products contain ingredients that will strip the skin too much. If your not sure what products you should be using then visit your facialist or a dermatologist for problematic skin at least 3 months prior to the wedding, they will tell you all about your skin and what will benefit it.

Exfoliating at home should only be done twice a week at most and definately once at least. AHA’s & BHA’s (chemical exfoliants) like lactic acid and salicylic acid are excellent ingredients in skincare products for resurfacing and smoothing out the skin. For all skin types but particularly those with sensitive skin, allow at least 2 months to a month before the wedding day in case of a reaction. Remember it’s very important to wear a sunscreen if using these products for protection from sun damage.
Manual exfoliation is when you physically scrub your skin using either a facial scrub, a simple washcloth, sponge or using a facial brush.

A full facial once a month including exfoliation, mask and the works will do wonders for your skin but as with exfoliation, if your having any facial treatments done such as micro-dermabrasion or peels etc, allow 2-3 weeks between the last treatment and your wedding day for the skin to heal or in case you have any reaction. The more standard types of facials tend to draw out impurities so allow at least this amount of time for the skin to renew. Don’t use any new skincare products within the 2 weeks running up to the wedding in case again you react to any of the ingredients, especially if you are sensitive.

Any form of hair removal like waxing, threading, epilation or using depilating creams (Immac) should be done the week before the wedding for the skin to recover. Plucking can be done up to 1 or 2 days before the wedding again so the skin has time to recover and in case you pinch yourself. You don’t want red eyebrows on the morning of the wedding. Also makeup won’t adhere properly to freshly waxed or depilated skin.

On the morning of the wedding….
Wash and cleanse your skin as usual and don’t try any new products, new products need at least 6 weeks for the benefits to show and you don’t have time to recover if you have a reaction!

I hope this wasn’t too long. Good luck