Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan

This tan gives a golden colour, ideal for all skin types. It works differently to the rest in that you can wash it off earlier and get on with your day feeling comfortable while your tan continues to develop. Development time is 60 minutes minimum for a light sunkissed glow and 3 hours maximum. The tan will continue to develop for a further 8 – 12 hours after you have washed it. It is NOT recommended to leave this solution on for any longer than 3 hours.

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My 10 tips for fake tanning you can trust!

Over the last few years I’ve seen the trend for getting a spray tan rise more and more with Brides wanting a glowing colour on their wedding day without the danger’s of using a Sunbed to achieve it. Fake Bake is my spray tan of choice, it’s active ingredient DHA combines with amino acids in your skin to form your brown colour therefore the outcome is individual to each skin type so you don’t have to worry about being ‘tangoed’. It’s not absorbed into the body and is non-toxic. It naturally fades as your skin cell’s renew themselves. Every time I’ve used Fake Bake on myself I’ve loved the natural result, and if we follow the correct procedure you’ll know you’ve had a fake tan … but no one else will. It’s about enhancing the skin to make it naturally radiant so that’s why:

1) It can be important to most before getting a spray tan to do a trial first, especially if you are a bride. Because spray tan develops naturally and individually on each skin type you’ll want to know whether you need a light spray or want to go a little darker. Of course, if you’re particularly sensitive I advise having a patch test too, to avoid any reactions. I’d start your ‘trialing’ a month before the wedding because once you’re sprayed it’s going to last almost a week and it needs to be completely gone before you have another.

2) Get into a good exfoliation and moisturisation routine in the run-up to the wedding which will breath new life into your skin and make it incredibly smooth. I recommend using a Body Brush to exfoliate or Exfoliating Gloves as some body scrubs contain oils which will create a barrier between your skin and the spray solution, diluting the result.

3) It’s important to make sure any previous tan is completely gone before you re-apply as it will only cause a patchy build-up.

4) If you are going to have a facial, do it a week before tanning.  This gives your skin the chance to settle down. If you do have any breakouts, apply a thick hydrating mask to your face the day before the tan to stop your colour collecting around the spots.

5) I recommend that you have your main tan two days before your wedding. This will give it a chance to settle down and look more natural and make sure any residue does not transfer on your dress when you sweat. DON’T wear deodorant to your appointment and wax or shave the day beforehand.

6) If you want a very light glow leave tanning solution on for 4-5 hours and for optimum colour leave on for 8-12 hours or sleep with it on, it will stop developing after this time anyway so don’t worry (not the case with the FakeBake 60min tan, please read precautions above).  The residue that run’s down the plug hole is just excess guide colour which allows me to see where I’m spraying.

7) After having a spray, make sure you wear loose clothing and avoid wearing your bra altogether.  Don’t wear knee high boots, jeans or leggings as they tend to leave a seam mark. It’s also best to wear flip flops.

8) On the night after tanning make sure you are careful when you clean your teeth, not to get toothpaste around your mouth, as this can also affect the evenness of your tan. Also take care with washing up – always wear gloves.

9) On the day of the wedding, make sure you moisturise the body well as fake tan is generally matte and this will hydrate and give a dewy look. Then rub talcum powder under your arm pits and around the dress to make double sure the tan does not transfer if you sweat.

10) Moisturise daily so your tan lasts as long as possible on your honeymoon and then after 3-4 days exfoliate so your tan fades evenly. To add some more colour I mix a small amount of gradual tanner into my aftersun and this give a slight pop. Also I use a waterproof SPF, this will stop sweat, sea water and chlorine from stripping your tan.

If you follow this advice, your spray tan will be gorgeous, golden and flawless x